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IT stands for Information Technology here you will find articles about several subjects that’ll help you to do your work easily or start discussions about several IT subjects.

IOS 12 upgrade

IOS 12 is the new version of apple OS. This new version of IOS 12 is going to bring a set of very interesting features such as: 70% faster swipe the camera 50% faster keyboard display 2x faster app load when the phone is under heavy load increased people in facetime up to 32 people Augmented reality […]

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Scriptcase export to pdf does not work

Scriptcase export to pdf does not work When creating a scriptcase production environment, we must take into account the dependencies that must be ready for the pdf export operation, which uses an external program called wkhtml. Scriptcase brings a customized version, which needs some specific libraries and some sources to render PDFs The steps to […]

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What is going to happen to SugarCRM community Edition

SugarCRM community edition is not going to be supported anymore by their company, a fork was created called SuiteCRM which is an opensource fork. Unfortunately the commitment of their creators to opensource software was never strong enough and now we  see the consequences of a business decision, Keep on connected, int the following posts we are going to […]

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